Monday, July 22, 2013

Best So Far - Microsoft Surface Pro

Every so often in various forums people ask the question "What is the best tablet for ZBrush / Photoshop?"  This usually generates some good discussion but the problem is that the information gets stale quickly.  Most searches on this turn up information that is at least a year old.  

I decided to try to maintain this page with the latest information concerning tablets that are reasonably good at running ZBrush.  

So far, as of July, 2013 the best that I can find is the Microsoft Surface Pro Windows 8 Pro 128 Gb Tablet :

My information is based on this YouTube Video:  The video demonstrates that the Surface Pro allows pressure sensitivity support.

Common comments: runs ZBrush fairly well though it is tiny compared to a PC.  The text on the ZBrush UI can be difficult to read for some.

Other models that have been given a good mention around the internet are:
However, an up and coming contender is the Samsung ATIV Q (drool) which is not yet released.

See the preview video of the ATIV Q here

If anyone has any experience of new tablet hardware that works well with ZBrush please leave a comment and I will investigate.

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